Our mission is to deliver the finest vaping experience to everyone around the world. We pride ourselves on selling the finest vaping equipment as well as one-of-a kind superb flavors resulting in top shelf e-liquids and juices.

We are life long New Yorkers and friends. Ignited by our passion for a healthier lifestyle, we set out to create a line of juices that is unique and different from the rest that brings out the essence of who we are. If we wouldn't use it, we sure wouldn't sell it.

Our blend of juices are made with the purest VG and PG USP food grade kosher flavor blends with 99.9% NIC pharmaceutical grade ingredients all made in the USA. We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards in our manufacturing process resulting in original and exciting flavors. All our juices are prepared in a sterile environment ensuring the highest quality of e-liquids.

At Clevervape, we are committed to our customers satisfaction and unwavering desire to consistently bring the best electronic cigarettes and e-juice to the market. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions that you might have. We want to hear from you!


From New York City to you – a sincere thanks,

Team Clevervape